Monday, 28 July 2014

Eric Szmanda

Eric Kyle Szmanda  Born 24 July 1975   Actor

Eric was born in Mukwonago, Wisconsin and is 6'.  He graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Pasadena California at 19.   Before going into acting he worked for a music distributor.  After roles in such shows as The Net (TV show), Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane, Eric finally found his home in CSI.  He's appeared in the show since 2000.  Said Eric, "I don't think I will ever do a sitcom again, but I think that on CSI because the calibre of the show is so high that it's almost like watching a movie.  I feel like I'm doing a movie a lot of the time that I'm working."

Having said that, as Greg the CSI, he still manages to be funny and get those jokes in, to that end his comic timing is perfect, just like him.  As he said, " I'm making dumb jokes and learning something," on how CSI helps him learn more science, which he didn't think he'd be doing after school.   It was good that he got out from the lab and into the field as this gave him more of an on screen presence and chance to shine on the show.  As well as for us to get to know him more.  It was also Eric who wanted Greg to get out into the field and was good to see the producers actually taking on board his suggestion and following it.  Which got Greg going through plenty, writing a book, eventually completed, being beaten up, meeting a femme fatale and going through the ringer both for his job and in Greg's personal life and he's still standing, still fighting for the underdogs and bringing justice to the Vics!

Eric loves to hike and surf, has a dog called Dax.  He has a particular love for music and was music directer on the movie, Life As A House, which featured the music of Marilyn Manson, of whom Eric is a friend and a fan.  Also appearing in one of his videos for the song, (s)AINT and Sigur Ros is one of his fave bands.  Being instrumental in getting their music on the show.

Not only is Eric cuteness personified, but he is so down to earth and kind and is particularly active in the support of the US Campaign for Burma.  Though some have said his face isn't a fit for the show, they couldn't be further from the truth.  Not only does he exude an on air persona which makes you want to watch him more as an actor and not just as a character, he has a way of capturing and drawing you in and not just cos of his gorgeous looks, but his acting ability, so subtle in some scenes and yet charming too .

Eric is on Twitter and is generous to his fans. I recall writing to him when he was first in CSI and he wrote back personally, showing how much time he does take with his fans.  Eric once commented, "I think what happens in Vegas, should stay in Vegas"  CSI put him on the map, but there's plenty more for him to do once CSI runs its course and he has the potential to go so much further and be even more successful. Thus taking his line to a different meaning, since what he's done in Vegas is only the tip of the iceberg.

Words of wisdom, "I've always been a firm believer that if you work, the rest will follow."


In a way, guess I'll always remember him for that head dress scene in season 1.15 Table Stakes, so cool and hilarious. And well we can always watch his ever changing hairstyles over the years!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor  Actor/Director  Born 7 July 1963

Robert was born in Melbourne, Australia and his parents separated when he was 9, he moved to Western Australia to live wit his aunt and uncle.  His mother had to find work and bring up three children.  He had a varied number of jobs when older, ranging from miner, to bouncer and lifeguard.  He also attended university as well as working on an oil rig in the Indian Ocean when he was 23.  He had an accident on the rig where his ship collided and sank, he hurt his arm and ribs. But as he said in one interview, he's still around.  He then decided he wanted to become an actor after seeing an ad and successfully auditioned for a place at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Yeah we surrender too! Ha.  To your charm!
He used to swim marathons, play water polo, Australian Rules Football, competed in surfing and life saving, well Australia is a sporty nation.  He is 6' 3", hey that's a whole foot on me, ha!

His first role was that of Nicholas Walsh in Home and Away, funny where one of the characters in the show described Nicholas as a "wimp."  Funny cos it was far from the truth.  He's  remarkably eye catching in 1989 and was the first time that I got to know who he was.  Haven't missed him in anything since, well maybe a few things!  But happy to say I've been a fan since way back when and not a recent convert after his foray into Longmire.  Yeah I'm one of those people who see certain actors early on and then just stick with them through the years! Ha.  He once said, "I've been working pretty solidly for a long time...not that anyone would notice, you know what I mean."  Ahh, I did!!

Other roles in his native Australia included shows such as, Feds, Blue Healers, Stingers, as well as films such as Storm Warning, Rogue, Coffin Rock.  He is best known especially in the US, for playing Agent Jones in The Matrix and in Vertical Limit.  But he starred in much more than that.  In the UK he is best known as playing Father Vincent Sheahan in Ballykissangel and also as Detective Peter Marenta in short lived Brit detective show, Yellowthread Street from 1989 (See above pic.)  More recently he was also in an ep of Aussie crime series, Mr and Mrs Murder which we only got three eps of here in the UK and was so looking forward to seeing it.

Robert landed the role of Sheriff Walt Longmire as producers were looking for someone who isn't that well known but they were so right in their casting choice as Rob fits the role to a tee.  He's got the height, the build, the accent and that cowboy hat and coat is just icing on the cake.  Cos he really puts the rugged in ruggedly handsome.  Not that he doesn't look great in a suit, but the casual jeans look just suits him more, ha no pun or anything sure I could've found a more apt and fitting word than suits, speaking of attire. Hmm wonder if I can find him in any purple, ha.


He said, "I love the show, I love the people working on it, I love the character...I wanted to get this job so I probably tried a bit harder."  He had been to New Mexico before on a few occasions and one time bought a Hopi Indian belt buckle with a bear claw design, which he's worn ever since and even Longmire sports the same.  He's also averse to technology, preferring an old style mobile phone (can relate to that) and shys away from social media, such as Facebook, where his official page is run by someone else for him.  "I was never comfortable doing all that self promoting.  I'm just happy to be working.  I'm in a great show..I can pay my bills.  I'm lucky."  We're even luckier to watch him on our screens after it all seems like a long absence. Like catching up with an 'old friend' after all these years.  At least to me it does, having seen him since his early days.

It's a shame he isn't very well known for all the work that he's done, he's been around for at least over twenty years, but here's hoping that Longmire will fix that, though Rob does tend to shy away from fame and being well known, but it kind of comes with the territory of being an actor.  Robert of course shares the same name with the late Hollywood actor and it appears not many people had heard of him either.  (Which means not many people know that the late Hollywood actor's real name was Spangler Arlington Brugh.)

I love Rob's wry sense of humour, sarcastic at times, but he maintains his feet firmly on the ground and like most of his fellow Aussie actors hasn't let being in the limelight and fame go to his head.  As modest as ever. A true asset to his profession.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Chris Meloni

Chris Meloni  Actor  Born 2 April 1961

Another special request!

Christopher Peter Meloni was long into the limelight before his iconic role of Det Elliot Stabler in Law and Order: SVU came along.  He was born in Washington DC and also has a brother and a sister.  He was a quarterback at high school as well as at the University of Colorado at Boulder, here he also studied acting. Chris went through the usual jobs whilst breaking into acting,  including a construction worker, bartender, bouncer and a personal trainer.  No wonder he needs no help when it comes to maintaining his athletic physique!  Especially for those shirtless roles of which there have been many.


Chris said, "I love to act. I need to act.  It's the big itch I need to scratch."  His interests include chess, windsurfing, pinochle (a North American card game.)  He's written some screen pays and "half finished plays."  Well there's my Twitter question answered. Ha. Chris also makes a "real phat batch of chili."

His early work also included playing Julia Robert's fiance, Bob in Runaway Bride.  Know what you're thinking, why would anyone run away from Chris as their fiance!!  For five years he starred in prison drama Oz for HBO, known for its controversial and no holes barred scenes and storylines, including gratuitous sex scenes. Heck - I have friends who have watched that show for those scenes alone! Ha.  Chris isn't one to shy away from all that and reveal all.  He once said, "I'm a nudist at heart."  Which sums it all up really, ha.

In fact he starred in both Oz and L&O:SVU simultaneously when he landed the role of Elliot in 1999 and starred in that role for 12 years.  Sadly he left when unable to negotiate a new contract.  Which was a shame to see him go since he portrayed that part with such passion, emotion and gusto and it was so believable.
At the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con event he said how he, "loved the people and I loved that character."  So did we all!  In 2011 he was cast as Roman in True Blood, where he really got his teeth into that role.  His blue eyes, gorgeous smile and easy-going personality has left many a fan swooning, and not just from the parts he's played on screen either.  He was also in People Magazine 2006's Sexiest Men Alive list.  Chris is also an accomplished poker player and has played for charity, coming second after Robin Tunney, in Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown. 

Currently he is starring in Surviving Jack, which takes him back to comedy and where he started out. Showing his adeptness at multiple character roles.  My friend won't talk to me unless I mention his great butt and how there's a poll on for that.  SO vote for Chris's sexy bum, ha!  Underneath that neat shirt and tie lies a mass of tattoos which we've all seen, cos I know many would love to see him bare chested more often, hey can't get enough of him!

Chris is charming, talented and caring and really makes times for others, whether charities or fans. "I never find sincerity be sincere."

Not only is he missed in his role of Stabler in  Law and Order: SVU but what is exceptional about him is his treatment and acknowledgement of his fans.  Taking time to tweet and to follow, as well as spending a while answering fan questions in his #askChris slot on Twitter.  Yeah I call it a slot, cos it's very regular and extremely kind and generous of him to do so, a great, fun guy.  A celebrity who truly cares about his fans, usually a rarity these days!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Callard Harris

Callard Harris  Born 16th May  Actor/Writer/Director


Callard was born in Michigan and guest starred in many shows we're all familiar with including The Mentalist ep, A Price Above Rubies, CSI:Miami, the short lived comedy Glory Daze about US college students, almost sure Daze is meant to rhyme with haze (as in hazing).  Here he played Mike Reno whom Callard described as "really intelligent" and how he enjoyed playing him as an "outrageous frat guy and philosopher at heart."  His fave part from the show was having to wear those short shorts in the jazzercise scene which he called "pretty outrageous."  Yeah now anyone who missed that definitely will be watching on DVD!

 Sons of Anarchy where you could hear his put-on Irish accent, perhaps 'put on' isn't the right phrase.  Callard described his character as "an Irish gangster that was selling guns to the Sons of Anarchy with a Romeo and Juliet twist to it."  Can't say I watched these, but will be on my 'eps to watch list' pretty soon. He was appealing as Thierry in The Originals, what vampire wouldn't be and got to wear the waistcoats that Joseph Morgan coveted!  Bad luck hey! But alas didn't feature much which isn't fair cos he makes a great vampire too and can give Klaus a run for his money, or rather hybrid hide, anyday.


This steely blue eyed actor and believe me his eyes are mesmerizing should be given his own show as lead, no really he deserves it cos he always puts in so much to his performances.  Perhaps he will be best known for the film Them alongside our very own James D'Arcy.  Two hotties in one place!
He also served as director producer and editor on the video short Devil's Run.

As well as playing Tommy Sutter in Dallas feigned as Rebecca's brother, but was actually her one time lover.  HE was killed off, which isn't really surprising.  They should bring him back as his double so he can haunt her from beyond and drive her crazy! Ha.  One actor who should have remained on the show for a while yet!  Julie Gonzalez said of Callard: "I have a lot of confrontations with many people.  The Stuff with Callard, who plays Tommy, is a lot of fun because that's where the real characters come out. He's a fantastic actor.  It was really fun to exchange words with him because sometimes they got a little out there." 

                                           The outsider

Gotta say he wears some funny headgear in that either they're pretty stylish or out there, ha.  Take the above, he wore that in Dallas, clearly showing Tommy was not into his cowboy hats/stetsons.  Hey wonder who chose this hat for him? Tommy complained of "people in Dallas being way too friendly.  It tries my nerves." Words to die by me thinks since he didn't really get out of Dallas after Rebecca was through with him.  Darn another killing off!

In The Originals Thierry has also taken to wearing hats now and then, must be something in the air.  Then again, Callard has also donned Santa hat.
Also his film appearances have been few and far between but also worthy of watching.  He played Santa albeit he was suffering from amnesia in The Real St Nick, which just made him even more cute and adorable.


Though he did sport a leather jacket in Grimm, seems he's better suited to more casual attire without the jackets!  He's multi-tasking and multi talented cos he can do drama, seriously menacing rage and even comedy too.  A shame we don't get to see him in as much as we should!

His T-shirt, Ninja Star C-Shirt, available on amazon which he designed.  Loves to play golf and was team member when they won the Michigan State Golf Championship during his first year at high school and he's a bit of a DIY enthusiast.  He likes to shoot short videos and likes to parody video games, which can be seen on Callard's website. At college had had a golf scholarship.  He attended a "brick and mortar school" as he says and was only there for a year.  Then he travelled and schooled online which doesn't have a fraternity.

He's on twitter where he states twitter: 'only funny at weekends' which means we should be getting funny tweets every weekend, hey?!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson   Born 3 July 1962  Actor/Director/Writer

Thomas Ellis Gibson was born in Charleston, South Carolina, is 6' 2" and has gorgeous brown eyes! He is best known for his role as Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner in the well loved and ever popular running Criminal Minds.  As a child he was fascinated by Louis Armstrong and even used to sing like him.   His acting career began at the tender age of 10 in children's theatre.   He gained a scholarship to Julliard where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1985.  He has a love for golf and has participated in many golfing events.  When he was 13 he realized girls watch tennis and not golf and so started playing that instead.


I recall first watching Thomas in Legwork in 1987 in the episode, All This And A Gold Card Too which seems like ages ago.  Before landing a role in Chicago Hope as Dr Daniel Nyland.  This could perhaps be described as his breakthrough role as he portrayed a doctor who at times seemed more interested in the ladies than his actual work.  Well who could resist the charms of this breath taking and charming man.

He is a dab hand at comedy too and this was shown when he starred in Dharma and Greg for which he   was nominated for a Golden Globe Award two times.  Suave and sophisticated he's plenty adorable in a suit and tie and this attire was something we came to accept and expect when he played Hotch in Criminal Minds.  Well he looks hot too in casuals.  He doesn't laugh very often in the show but when he smiles he really captivates with his super sexy smile.  Thomas once said: "You can't substitute the act of making people laugh.  It's definitely something that actors like to do."


He has guested in many films including, Far and Away, The Age of Innocence, Raising Waylon, Tales of the City, Caroline In the City, to name but a few.  In 2010 he won the Online Poll for Under Appreciated Entertainer of the Year for Criminal Minds.  He was writer and director on Always Whitney Houston (2012)  Justin Bieber: Always Believing (2013) Come Away Home where he was director as well as on many other shows/films.  


Thomas taught himself to play Singin' In The Rain on the Ukulele and one item of clothing he will never wear are sandals.  Thomas is talented at whatever he does and exudes a special quality on and off screen which is found only in a few actors who hit our screens.

"Wheels up in 30!"

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Scott Foley

Scott Foley  Born 15 July 1972  Actor/Director/Writer

SO after many requests had to put Scott higher up on the list! So here you are


Scott Kellerman Foley was born in Kansas City Kansas (been there! ha) and graduated from high school in St Louis Missouri.  He used to work in a cookie store and use to live off cookies since he was broke.  He has two younger brothers and sadly his mother passed away when he was 15.

His breakthrough role was in Felicity where he played Noel Crane.  He was actually cast to play the role of Ben but since they hadn't found anyone to pay Noel yet, Scott was asked to take on this role.  Though he had been in other shows before this such as Sweet Valley High.  Remember that show we used to get it Saturday mornings.

Scott said he was lucky enough to know what he wanted to do when he was growing up, "I think one of the hardest things to figure out in life is what your calling is and what truly makes you happy, not what you want to work at, but what you want to do."

As well as Dawson's Creek, Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane, Scrubs, House where he played a baseball player and as I tweeted about this role of Hank, he was really put through the wringer in this! He was in Cougar Town where he met up with his co-star from Scream 3, Courtney Cox.  Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.  As well as Grey's Anatomy and True Blood.  Oh the bloody fangs were probably out in this as he sent our blood pressure soaring! On filming True Blood he said, " was very secretive, very sexy, a lot of blood and fangs."


For his role in Scream 3 he was nominated for a Teen Choice Award.   Perhaps his other break though was also in The Unit where he appeared in the entire 4 seasons.   He is not just a pretty face and has proven himself as a quality director, directing The Graduate episode of Felicity and an episode of Monk, season 3's Mr Monk and the Employee of the Month, in which his brother, Sean made an appearance.  Scott is set to direct Ward's Wife which he also wrote.

Plenty have swooned over Scott, though he remains modest as far as his looks are concerned.  Hey you don't need to be cos really he is gorgeous and has women swooning.  He looks great in whatever he wears, even baggy T-shirt and jeans and even when he's sporting that beard or sexy hint of stubble.

Presently he is breaking hearts on and off screen in Scandal where he is cast as Captain Jake Ballard, hey there Scotty, looking hot in uniform. And don't we all love a man in uniform!  Be still my heart!

Scott: "The older I get, the more I become an apple pie, sparkling cider kind of guy."  Ah so cute!  He's soo down to earth, sweet and oh those gorgeous eyes of his!  Here's hoping his star keeps a risin'!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore  Born  20 April 1970  Actor

Here's another special request (be patient I'm getting to them all! ha)

Shemar Francis Moore was born in Oakland California.  Son of Sherrod Moore and Marilyn Wilson.  His mother is of Irish and French-Canadian descent and was a teacher who worked in Bahrain and Denmark. Shemar travelled with her when he was younger due to the civil unrest in the 1970's, especially as inter-racial marriage was considered unheard of.  Sadly his mother developed MS and Shemar has been instrumental in highlighting the debilitating nature of this disease and in fundraising.  This involved him cycling to raise money and awareness into research.

Shemar majored in Communications at Santa Clara University and to pay his fees he took on modelling jobs. His dream was to play baseball.  From 1984-2005 he played Malcolm Walters in The Young and The Restless but the role that would propel him to stardom was that of FBI Special Agent Derek Morgan in the break-out Criminal Minds.  His use of "baby girl" and other choice words in the show directed at fellow character Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds, left fans craving for mo[o]re (pun intended?)  Leading Shemar to call his fans, "baby girl" in real life too.  Though the phrase he uses sometimes that makes me laugh is "Sugar tits" cos only this baby boy could get away with that!! ha.

His sexy shots and photoshoots proved to be popular and still are.  He has also appeared on the cover of Men's Fitness magazine in 2009, showing off his pecs and physique!  As some would say he has a body to die for!!  Shemar has his own distinctive style when it comes to clothes and also sports tattoos, as if you didn't know.  He has his initials, 'SFM' on his left arm and the head of a lion on his right.

He has won awards for The Yong and the Restless including for outstanding actor in a Daytime Drama Series and Outstanding Supporting Actor.  He has starred in many TV shows and films, including guesting in Chicago Hope, though that was in a season 4 episode and long after his Criminal Minds co-star Thomas Gibson had left the show, otherwise they could have had a Chicago Hope reunion on set!  I like when that happens.  He was also in Birds of Prey and finds "acting is therapeutic."


Shemar always finds time for his fans and followers and is extremely active on Twitter and Instagram.  His Baby Girl wear has raised plenty for charity and continues to do so. It's not hard to see he has a heart of gold and is very friendly and down to earth too.

Some words of wisdom from Shemar: "I'm not shy but...acting is a very vulnerable experience, and you've got to be really confident to put yourself out there to be judged."  He has also said, "I still have shy qualities but nobody would believe that, just because we're in the forefront and I can talk a lot of mess and I can run my mouth."