Monday, 31 December 2012

Matt Smith

Matt Smith  Born 28 October 1982  Actor

This up and coming actor, at the time, first caught my eye in The Ruby In the Smoke and The Shadow in the North, the Sally Lockhart novels adapted by the BBC.  Curiously this was alongside Billy Piper, who played Rose in Doctor Who (with two Doctors).  Wonder if he was destined to do the same cos of this.  Well...

Ooh purple, my fave colour!!

He does look cute in a bow tie and a Fez, "bow ties are cool."  SO is this Doctor.  Matt's fave clothes he likes to wear are his Beastie Boys T-shirt and his lace up Doctor Who boots.  They've certainly stood him on good ground in the show and out of.  He's come a long way in those as Doctor Who, he's endearing.


Great choice to play the Eleventh Doctor as he really has his serious and emotional looks down to a tee.
Matt had wanted to be a professional footballer but injured his back.  No wonder he showed these skills off in the fifth season ep of Doctor Who: The Lodger.   His drama teacher made him go into acting by ensuring he played the tenth juror in his school production of Twelve Angry Men, he was signed up without his knowledge.

Seems this Doctor gets into trouble a lot, through no fault of his own, Matt was once "stopped by the anti-terrorist police for a routine check.  I ended up missing my train and being late for a call.  I must have been looking particularly dodgy."  No more than usual, ha.  Nah, he's too good looking to look 'dodgy.'


Matt also auditioned for the role of Dr Watson in Sherlock, to play alongside Benedict, but Steven Moffat thought his acting style was too "eccentric" and would have been good as Sherlock, but that part was already cast.  So from one Doctor to another!  Yeah it was his destiny.

Best piece of advice he was given was from his father; "it's not the disappointments, it's how you get over them that counts."
Matt is one celeb icon who really exudes his own sexy style and one Doctor we'd love to see everyday, so there's no eating an apple a day to keep this Doctor away!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cary Grant

Cary Grant  Born 18 January 1904  Died 29 November 1986  Actor

My celebrity style icon page would not be complete without my all-time fave actor, Cary Grant.  He is the epitome of suave and sophistication and perfect gentleman.  He was born Archibald Alexander Leach in Bristol, UK.


Tall, dark and handsome with movie star good looks, he was one of Hollywood's dashing leading men.  The American Film Institute named him the Second Greatest Male Star of All Time.  He wowed audiences in his films, playing the joker in comedies or the romantic lead.  Alfred Hitchcock cast him in 5 of his movies.

Cary had that personality which exuded charm and charisma.  Always a good guy and never bad.  Producers feared casting him as a criminal or bad guy would tarnish his wholesome reputation.  That's why the ending of Suspicion was changed, you see he was meant to have killed his best friend for the money and also his wife at the end.  This was altered, but he just had that sly look in his eye in Suspicion which made you believe he was really guilty.  Not to mention the dark brooding throughout.


He was also to be cast as James Bond but he turned it down as he didn't want to be associated with a several movie franchise.  Just think what the world missed, especially judging from his role in North By North West.


Classy and funny, he often poked fun at himself, saying "Everyone wants to be Cary Grant, even I want to be Cary Grant...I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be and I finally became that person.  Or he became me.  Or we met at some point."

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Jon-Erik Hexum

Jon-Erik Hexum  Born 5 November 1957  Died 18 October 1984  Actor

Whenever I write about Jon-Erik or think of him, it is always with great trepidation, some sadness but always  with the gratefulness that we were lucky enough to have had him here, even for such a short time.  Taken too soon!  He would have been 55 this year had he lived.

Though his career was also short, he was just starting out when he died, he left us with shows and movies we can always watch him in.  He will best be remembered for Voyagers! where he played Phineas Bogg, "a sixteenth century traveller, travelling back and forth in time, changing history wherever it went wrong."

The TV film, The Making of a Male Model, saw him cast for his endearing features and good looks.  He did have male model looks but he didn't want to be associated with this, wanting to be a real actor.  Jon-Erik described his most notable asset as being his voice. Which was truly memorable and remarkable.

The show that would have propelled him to stardom but by a cruel twist of fate turned out to be his last ever appearance as he died after an "accident on set."  This show was Cover Up.  Here he played Mac Harper, a CIA agent undercover as a male model.  Yet Jon-Erik was intelligent, sexy and very friendly.  An all American hero.  The theme song for Cover Up was Holding Out For A Hero which is one song that rightly will always belong to Jon-Erik and I always think of him whenever I hear it.

Theme song here

He was more than just handsome, with beautiful ice blue eyes.  Jon-Erik was kind, generous, funny and always had time for everyone.  He was definitely going places and had so much that he wanted to do.  As well as being a writer.  He said he always wanted to be in films about real people and play a "tragic hero."

Another generation now has the chance to see him in his few appearances and in Voyagers! to see just how talented an actor he really was.  He was our tragic hero and his star will always shine brightly as he lives on in the hearts and minds of those who knew, loved and admired him.

"My heart is weary from the love it holds for you
Too soon it weeps tears of sorrow, yet at times, tears of joy
for you are at peace,
As heaven was your respite and your eternal home."

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan  Born 13 August 1983  Actor

Sebastian was born in Romania and moved to the US with his mother.  Though he has been in quite a lot, such as Gossip Girl, The Covenant, Kings, Black Swan, Political Animals.  He won the hearts of many more fans and adoring viewers in Once Upon A Time.

Here he played brooding Jefferson, aka The Mad Hatter and boy did he play him with so much style and panache, your heart just melted at his sad plight.  Jefferson was so intensely portrayed and surprisingly he was the one who knew exactly what would happen and helped bring magic to Storybrooke.  He'll be back for season 2 we're relieved.  Love that pic!

As he said, "he's known all along before everybody else that this was going to happen, so this is not a big surprise to him.  From where he comes from it's like, 'Oh good.  Now everybody is going to see what I've been talking about over and over again, but no one was listening to me.'"

He exudes so much emotion and sexiness on screen you can't take your eyes off him. The mark of a great actor.

Sebastian looks so handsome and hot however he styles his hair and however he dresses, even when he's shirtless and black looks good on him.  He has this far away look in his eyes, a hidden depth which captures his gorgeousness on and off screen and makes him such a versatile actor, no matter what role he plays.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Brian Bloom

Brian Bloom  Born 30 June 1970  Actor/Writer

Brian started off in small roles in shows some people wouldn't have heard of or recall, such as in Over My Dead Body where he played an actor who was doing some shadowing for a role he wanted to play.  To me he become affectionately known as the 'bartender.'  Well it's a private joke of sorts not many will get!

With his gorgeous blue eyes and handsome features he carved a niche for himself, appearing in TV series including all three CSI shows and he was one of the first actors to do so.  Melrose Place, Law and Order: SUV.  His roles have been varied and has portrayed bad guy roles many actors would shy away from, including the obligatory baring his all in Oz. Oh you know what I mean by that!

On his eyes he commented, "The first thing I think about when I think about my eyes is that they're better than 20/20 and they can see.  The last thing would be the color."

Brian was one of those iconic child actors, appearing in Once Upon A Time in America, who made the transition to an adult star, cos it wasn't all about looks but a genuine ability to show a rare on-screen presence.  I loved him in his guest role in Beauty and the Beast, where he was, yes a bad guy, but he was so vain and so sure of himself that it didn't matter what his character was like.  He was still alluring!  Bad guys usually are, but not in real life of course.

He once said he wasn't interested in being seen as a hunk, but to be taken seriously and to me, he has achieved that in so many of the parts he's played.  His modesty is admirable, but yeah he is hot and totally cool at the same time.  He was co-writer on The A Team movie. Though it had a mixed reception, it was great to see him have a hand behind the scenes too, so to speak.  Brian will always be my kinda guy!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage  Born 22 August 1971  Actor

There's something about a bad guy we love to hate or hate to love, but we can't resist and Richard has played an awful number of villains in his career.  Maybe they're not all bad but some of them are a little dark, but he's still smouldering.

He cuts a dashing figure in whatever period costume he's dressed in or just in modern attire.  He was to die for as John Thornton in North and South. Where he cut such a dashing figure and gave Mr Darcy a run for his money in the cravat stakes.  Of course he did!

His deep blue eyes and those far away hypnotizing looks warmed us to him even more.

As Sir Guy Of Gisbourne, in Robin Hood, though you weren't meant to, you just rooted for him to win in every episode.  "Oh what hell for leather" as they say and boy does he look gorgeous in leather! As Richard said, "perhaps we like it because we're not allowed to be bad in real life."  How true.

Can't wait to see him in The Hobbit as the troubled king of the Dwarves.  Perhaps an understatement as he is far from Dwarf-like.

See looks great in casuals too and stripes as well.  Be still my beating heart, for it beats for you!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Linden Ashby

Linden Ashby Born 23 May 1960  Actor

Linden rose to fame after starring in many shows, especially soaps.  You'll recall him from Melrose Place, Young and the Restless and he made an impression on me from Spy Game.  A spy series in the retro kind of mould and not a show many have heard of.  I loved it and loved him in that too.
So suave and sophisticated, and those moves in fight scenes!

Linden's one for wearing jumpers  a lot on and off screen, though he has been known to be shirtless aplenty on shows/films and I find blue really suits him and brings out his gorgeous eyes. So sexy and handsome too.

Many know him from Mortal Kombat where he played Johnny Cage and got to show off his martial arts talents too!  There has been talk of reviving his character and Linden in an interview wondered how that would work since he's getting on a bit.  I still think he looks gorge, but then maybe I would... he looks so cool in those shades!

A tie never hurt anyone and he's now in the series Teen Wolf where he plays a sheriff.  He has played a lot of detectives over the years (typecasting perhaps?) and I hated they only had him in one episode of CSI, that was a shame.  Cos anytime we can get to see Linden is a pleasure as he's a great actor, funny, talented and modest too. Now if only Spy Game was released on DVD...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dylan Neal

Dylan Neal   Born 8 October 1969 Actor

Dylan has one of those eye-catching, gorgeous faces which remind you of seeing him somewhere before.  Though he has been in plenty, I first saw him in the Bold And the Beautiful where he played, er, Dylan.  In fact he got to show off his buff and fit body in this show seeing as he had to find work as a stripper!!  Which set hearts ablaze.

He looks so delectable and hot in leather and has beautiful, breath taking blue eyes.  He's also been in Dawson's Creek, Wild Roses, CSI, CSI:Miami, where he played a DB most of the episode and Stargate: Atlantis and he was deliciously dangerous with a badge in Blood Ties.

That sweet grin always puts a smile on my face and that athletic physique is one in a million.  Loved that scene with him in Smallville when he stands on the rooftop with a rose, so alluringly evil, cos you just knew what was coming next!

Dylan exudes style and sex appeal, looks great in suit and tie, casuals or shirtless!  He should be on our screens more.  Cute and caring, love everything about him!  What else is there to say...

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Scott Bakula

Scott Bakula  Born 9 October 1954 Actor/Singer

Scott has been in many a TV show/movie but he will be best remembered for caring and lovable Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap.  Oh boy (!) loved that show.  That was great and showed his acting range no end from singing to dancing and dressing as women several times over.  Hey an actor's gotta do! And he does it best.  Lots of fashion on display here and I especially liked the film noir episode with the cool suits and hat.  Hey those hats never go out of style.

A lot of people don't know this but before the Brangelina movie Mr and Mrs Smith, Scott starred in a TV series of the same name, about a couple who didn't know each other but worked for the Company as spies. neither knew the other's true identity or name.

But then many Star Trek fans will recall him as Captain Jonathan Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise.  Where their uniforms, aka boilersuits were not the height of fashion. Yet they ventured where no man has been before.  Still he looked good in one and there were plenty of bare chested moments in this too, just to keep pulses racing.  "Oh Captain, my Captain!"

Scott has lovely eyes and is a handsome and formidable actor who has been around a long time and will continue to do so. He was more recently seen in Chuck and Desperate Housewives where he played Trip (the character name of his Chief Engineer in Enterprise).  Hey he can be my lawyer anyday!

But he can still dress to impress in the old Tux too!! So hot!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Christian Kane

Christian Kane  Born 27 June 1974  Actor/Singer

Christian will best be remembered as that damn hot evil lawyer, Lindsey on Angel. Though I think they could have given him a much more powerful character name on that show, yes really! And a longer part. He was one sexy anti-hero.
You may also recall him from the Carrie Underwood, So Small video which accompanied the song in 2008 and earned him a nomination for Supporting Character of the Year. There's something about a guy in a music video.  But Christian also sings and plays guitar.
Beware guy with a guitar, actually beware cute guy with guitar and dreamy blue eyes.  Seems his first love is music and he grew up listening to Country and always wanted to make an album.

So stylish, talented and going strong on all fronts, Christian is someone you have to watch out for, especially as tough guy Eliot in Leverage and listen to his sultry, dulcet singing too.  What a heartbreaker!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

George Eads

George Eads  Born 1 March 1967 Actor

George landing a part on popular TV show Savannah  catapulted him to star status, or at least got him on  the road as such.
This gorgeous heart throb with his model/film star looks certainly dresses to impress and black really brings out his features.  He's got great eyebrows for a guy, so dark and thick.
Some people love the stubble look he's got going at times, but as lovable Nick on CSI he sets pulses racing. Though he doesn't have a regular personal life on the show, work gets in the way, he really is a romantic guy.  Recall in a season 1 episode when he was asked if he likes leather or lace on a woman, his reply was lace!  How sexy is that.
George was in an ad for L'Oreal, cos he's "worth it" but he really has a heart of gold, which is also seen in his character Nick when he gets so emotional in some of his cases and he's not afraid to shed real man tears either! He can cry on my shoulder anytime.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks  Born 15 December 1970  Actor/Writer/Director

For those of you who won't recall, Michael won critical acclaim and recognition on his ten year stint on Stargate: SG1, playing cute but intelligent Dr Daniel Jackson.  Oh his character was so seriously misunderstood.
Here's one of him looking rather wet and pensive.  So with this pic, you're bound to fit the name to a face.  I jest.  Of course he's unforgettable in every way.  He's an avid ice hockey fan and plays too.  Cool.
 Certain mags used to call him "floppy haired" as his hair was long and well, floppy in the early seasons of the show, which looked good on him too.  Though I can't find any pics doing him justice with that hairstyle.
With dreamy eyes he's every sci-fi fan's fantasy and so much more.  More recently seen in Saving Hope.
Looking great however he dresses, I particularly liked the blue and grey jumpers he wore.  He'd always wear some form of blue so that colour looks very alluring on him.  Now would I be shallow in using the words "eye candy?!"  Ooh I think not.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan  Born 27 November 1968

Michael has one of those beautiful faces you can watch all day and all night and not tire.
This handsome French actor who prefers not to mention his roots, he's French-American has starred in plenty over the years and took acting lessons as they were paid for and was something to do.  He can pull off any style: casual, smart and we'll never forget his smouldering screen presence in Alias as everyone's fave spy Michael Vaughn.  I loved him in Ally McBeal.
An avid sports fan and poker player, his cool green eyes hide his tell well, we'd never work out his poker hand or what he's thinking.  Ooh a little stubble/beard action here and he wears it to perfection.
Oh and this pic is to die for, hey straighten that tie!  Michael wasn't in awe of his dazzling, movie star good looks but rather used to describe himself as having a big head like one of those Bobblehead dolls, but he's too gorge for words...that sweet, sexy smile leaves me breathless!

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo  Born 24 August 1973  Actor/Singer/Musician

Carmine has striking features and the first thing I noticed about him were his ice blue eyes.

Carmine is always great to watch as Danny in CSI:NY and his character underwent quite a few changes in terms of appearance.  He didn't wear his jackets anymore for a long while and he stopped wearing glasses.  Carmine preferred contacts.  But he looks stunning in his suits.
I think glasses gave him that edge.  Not only is he sweet and compassionate but he's an established singer/musician too with his own band, Ceesau.  Through his band he raises awareness of everyone in the world being one and he also has other charitable causes he's a part of.
His style is uniquely Carmine and he looks totally hot however he dresses.  That hat looks exceptional on him.  He's one guy who I have liked since I first saw him and he is so incredibly generous and handsome, but so down-to-earth and the guy next-door we'd all want to have as a neighbour!  Check out his music too!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Tom Welling

Tom Welling  Born 26 April 1977  Actor

Isn't Tom just the best guy ever.  Smart, sexy, down to earth, no wonder his looks earned him so much adoration and got him started as a model!
Oh love this pic but what's he doing stuck in a tyre with that alluring look: there's only room for one in there!  Tom said he wanted to be a model since it would allow him to portray and express an array of emotions and boy does he express.
His gorgeous blue eyes are so tantalizing and he's just a classy, casual, stylish super hunk (!)  Who is amazing in black.  Tom auditioned for the part in Supernatural but was selected for Smallville instead and it was an excellent choice.  As Clarkie he was cool, thrilling and so sweet, yet breath-takingly strong.
Here's Tom as we haven't ogled , I mean seen, him before, that stubble giving him that cute rugged look.
Tom isn't the run of the mill celeb, he hates interviews, understandable, and he once said  he "doesn't want to be a celebrity for the sake of being a celebrity."  Ah so handsome, intelligent and so modest too.  We can't ask for more.

James Gardner

James Gardner  Born 14 February  TV Presenter/Sports Fanatic/DJ/Up & Coming Comedian

You might recall James as presenter on defunct sports channel Setanta and he's moved on to present at Sit Up Channels (Bid, Pricedrop, SpeedAuction).
Love his casual style of presenting and he does have that cool, modelling look down pat.  Love his soft spoken Scottish accent and he's a bit of a ladies man. Dressed to impress and perfection in his suit on TV, I have a penchant for the purple tie.

James likes his 'daddy' cardigans too as I call them.  All styles look good on him.

But he also loves his football and boxing!  So watch out gals cos these may be his first loves!  Me thinks he'll go far and why wouldn't he being such a sweet, lovable guy and being born on the most romantic day of the year.
James is now back on Pricedrop.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Colin Firth

Colin Firth  Born 10 September 1960  Actor

No need to mention the show that brought Colin to the attention of millions of women all over the world, swooning in their corsets! If they still wore those. Why yes, it's the Mr Darcy.
Of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice fame.  That's one character he will always be typecast as and perhaps deservedly so.  It's the one where be garnered heartthrob status! He even played the same named role in Bridget Jones's Diary.
Oh so handsome in black and that mesmerizing faraway look.  He would have made a charismatic James Bond I think and you know what he played royalty too as George VI in The King's Speech. Who could forget him in Mamma Mia!
Everyone has to have such a pose in their resume and he cuts a handsome figure in purple, so stylish and my fave colour too!  Costume pieces, or body rippers I should say, modern, traditional all suit him to a 'T.'

He supports many important causes, including the environment and he has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Now that scene when he emerges from the swim in Pride and Prejudice wet shirt 'n' all will be etched on our minds permanently.  Forever Mr Darcy!