Monday, 31 December 2012

Matt Smith

Matt Smith  Born 28 October 1982  Actor

This up and coming actor, at the time, first caught my eye in The Ruby In the Smoke and The Shadow in the North, the Sally Lockhart novels adapted by the BBC.  Curiously this was alongside Billy Piper, who played Rose in Doctor Who (with two Doctors).  Wonder if he was destined to do the same cos of this.  Well...

Ooh purple, my fave colour!!

He does look cute in a bow tie and a Fez, "bow ties are cool."  SO is this Doctor.  Matt's fave clothes he likes to wear are his Beastie Boys T-shirt and his lace up Doctor Who boots.  They've certainly stood him on good ground in the show and out of.  He's come a long way in those as Doctor Who, he's endearing.


Great choice to play the Eleventh Doctor as he really has his serious and emotional looks down to a tee.
Matt had wanted to be a professional footballer but injured his back.  No wonder he showed these skills off in the fifth season ep of Doctor Who: The Lodger.   His drama teacher made him go into acting by ensuring he played the tenth juror in his school production of Twelve Angry Men, he was signed up without his knowledge.

Seems this Doctor gets into trouble a lot, through no fault of his own, Matt was once "stopped by the anti-terrorist police for a routine check.  I ended up missing my train and being late for a call.  I must have been looking particularly dodgy."  No more than usual, ha.  Nah, he's too good looking to look 'dodgy.'


Matt also auditioned for the role of Dr Watson in Sherlock, to play alongside Benedict, but Steven Moffat thought his acting style was too "eccentric" and would have been good as Sherlock, but that part was already cast.  So from one Doctor to another!  Yeah it was his destiny.

Best piece of advice he was given was from his father; "it's not the disappointments, it's how you get over them that counts."
Matt is one celeb icon who really exudes his own sexy style and one Doctor we'd love to see everyday, so there's no eating an apple a day to keep this Doctor away!!