Monday, 30 December 2013

Callard Harris

Callard Harris  Born 16th May  Actor/Writer/Director


Callard was born in Michigan and guest starred in many shows we're all familiar with including The Mentalist ep, A Price Above Rubies, CSI:Miami, the short lived comedy Glory Daze about US college students, almost sure Daze is meant to rhyme with haze (as in hazing).  Here he played Mike Reno whom Callard described as "really intelligent" and how he enjoyed playing him as an "outrageous frat guy and philosopher at heart."  His fave part from the show was having to wear those short shorts in the jazzercise scene which he called "pretty outrageous."  Yeah now anyone who missed that definitely will be watching on DVD!

 Sons of Anarchy where you could hear his put-on Irish accent, perhaps 'put on' isn't the right phrase.  Callard described his character as "an Irish gangster that was selling guns to the Sons of Anarchy with a Romeo and Juliet twist to it."  Can't say I watched these, but will be on my 'eps to watch list' pretty soon. He was appealing as Thierry in The Originals, what vampire wouldn't be and got to wear the waistcoats that Joseph Morgan coveted!  Bad luck hey! But alas didn't feature much which isn't fair cos he makes a great vampire too and can give Klaus a run for his money, or rather hybrid hide, anyday.


This steely blue eyed actor and believe me his eyes are mesmerizing should be given his own show as lead, no really he deserves it cos he always puts in so much to his performances.  Perhaps he will be best known for the film Them alongside our very own James D'Arcy.  Two hotties in one place!
He also served as director producer and editor on the video short Devil's Run.

As well as playing Tommy Sutter in Dallas feigned as Rebecca's brother, but was actually her one time lover.  HE was killed off, which isn't really surprising.  They should bring him back as his double so he can haunt her from beyond and drive her crazy! Ha.  One actor who should have remained on the show for a while yet!  Julie Gonzalez said of Callard: "I have a lot of confrontations with many people.  The Stuff with Callard, who plays Tommy, is a lot of fun because that's where the real characters come out. He's a fantastic actor.  It was really fun to exchange words with him because sometimes they got a little out there." 

                                           The outsider

Gotta say he wears some funny headgear in that either they're pretty stylish or out there, ha.  Take the above, he wore that in Dallas, clearly showing Tommy was not into his cowboy hats/stetsons.  Hey wonder who chose this hat for him? Tommy complained of "people in Dallas being way too friendly.  It tries my nerves." Words to die by me thinks since he didn't really get out of Dallas after Rebecca was through with him.  Darn another killing off!

In The Originals Thierry has also taken to wearing hats now and then, must be something in the air.  Then again, Callard has also donned Santa hat.
Also his film appearances have been few and far between but also worthy of watching.  He played Santa albeit he was suffering from amnesia in The Real St Nick, which just made him even more cute and adorable.


Though he did sport a leather jacket in Grimm, seems he's better suited to more casual attire without the jackets!  He's multi-tasking and multi talented cos he can do drama, seriously menacing rage and even comedy too.  A shame we don't get to see him in as much as we should!

His T-shirt, Ninja Star C-Shirt, available on amazon which he designed.  Loves to play golf and was team member when they won the Michigan State Golf Championship during his first year at high school and he's a bit of a DIY enthusiast.  He likes to shoot short videos and likes to parody video games, which can be seen on Callard's website. At college had had a golf scholarship.  He attended a "brick and mortar school" as he says and was only there for a year.  Then he travelled and schooled online which doesn't have a fraternity.

He's on twitter where he states twitter: 'only funny at weekends' which means we should be getting funny tweets every weekend, hey?!