Monday, 30 May 2016

Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Anthony Ventimiglia  Born 8 July 1977  Actor Producer

Another special request which I finally got to!
He was born in Anaheim, California.  His father, Peter served in the Vietnam War and is of Sicilian descent.  His mother, Carol, has Scottish and English ancestry.  He is the youngest of the family (like me) and has two elder sisters.  He attended El Modena High School, Orange California, where he was student president, acted in high school productions and also wrestled.  After graduating in 1995, he attended the American Conservatory Theater Summer Programme, heading to UCLA where he studied Theatre.

He had a love of acting from an early age, at least since he was eight and when he turned 18 he looked for work professionally. He was in Must Be the Music (1996.) When he graduated UCLA, he got one of his first acting break in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  This led to many guest appearances on well-known shows such as Sabrina The Teenage Witch, CSI, oh yeah recall him in that in the episode, Friends and Lovers, [truth be told, I recall him in everything] where he played the obligatory bad guy.  Other shows included, Saved By The Bell: The New Class, Brooklyn South, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and a wealth of others.  The show that propelled him to fame was Gilmore Girls, where he played Jess, boyfriend of Rory and Dean's rival.  The show that leaves people divided as to whether they're #TeamJess or #TeamDean, with others asking why can't they be both.  Gilmore Girls getting a recent revival with many of the main cast reprising their roles, which is anxiously anticipated.

Milo built up his acting career steadily and sturdily and maybe studly (ha) too.  With his looks and crooked smile, which he attributes to dead nerves on the left side of his face, causing that side to remain immovable, which just adds to his appeal.  His other breakthrough role was as Peter Petrelli in Heroes, which lasted four seasons.  He played a hero who thought he had powers of his own, but much to his chagrin, to a degree, he was merely a sponge who took on other peoples' powers.  This show leading to many worldwide appearances to promote it, as well as many conventions, where fans had the opportunity to meet Milo to their hearts content.  But as Peter he broke many a hearts on and off screen and continues to do so.  Always will!

Being down to earth and a fun guy, he's always obliging to his fans and very gracious, though I wish I could say he recalls meeting me for various reasons, not going into any here (I know he meets plenty of people/fans.)  Always affording them a photographic opportunity (yeah I don't like the word selfie either, sounds very egotistical and selfish to me, but to each his own and let the cliches roll, ha!)  He also is an extremely talented photographer and should showcase those creative talents some more in my opinion.  He could do much for charity when he gets the time using his photos.

He's very dedicated to his craft and is very hard working, as well we know, starring in all sorts and genres of shows and not just sci-fi.  It's good that he hasn't been type cast, also being a bit of a Star Wars/Darth Vader fan himself.  His popularity as an actor stems from his ability to play all roles and each one is always different, whether he plays good or bad. As shown by Gotham, in which he was clearly a killer, but he still managed to capture our hearts and minds in that too.

Other more recent shows included, Chosen, The Whispers, a bit of a supernatural foray and many of us would like to see him make an appearance in Supernatural itself, come on make it happen!  PET Squad Files, Con Man, Relationship Status were just some of his recent roles.  He has also made his mark in feature films, including Devil's Gate (yet to be released.)  Grace of Monaco, Rocky with Sylvester Stallone.  Pathology, The Divide.  Milo is also a producer and has produced lots of films with his partner, at Divide Pictures, Russ Cundiff.  Including, Tell and Static.  It's a wonder he has time to himself!  Considering he was also in Fergie's music video Big Girls Don't Cry unless it's over you Milo!

More recently he's set to appear in NBC's new dramady, This Is Us alongside Mandy Moore, which already got social media buzzing with the trailer NBC released, showing Milo's butt!  Perhaps a reason why it has sooo many views on it on facebook alone.  Was it wrong of me to think of Bruce Greenwood's song, "Two Foot of ButtCrack" when I saw it!  Ha.  Nah it wasn't!

He says he's shy (don't believe that for a minute, I didn't get that impression at all when I met him! Maybe he just hides it well!)  And prefers to stay home a lot and cook, he's been a vegetarian since he was little, works tirelessly for US Vets: Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).

He has a love for motorbikes and dare I say it, dropping the f-bomb aplenty!  He loves to read.  (But mot my stuff!)  He's very active on Twitter and gets through an abundance of tweets to fans. @MiloVentimiglia and I'm waitin' for him to tweet me and call me "darlin!"

Words of wisdom: "I'm just a person, I'm not larger than life."

He's very sexy, has a cool voice, doesn't drink or smoke, what else could anyone ask for, oh except the beard, though his hair looks great long or short, I like my men clean shaven!!  Not to say he doesn't look alluring enough with a beard.  He has a sense of style and panache and heck looks good in anything or for the rest of you out there, out of everything too!

Milo is someone who has been places and has so far yet to go, always on the move (no pun) as far     as work goes, he is one cool guy who we'll see for a long time to come, both on and off our screens!