Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cary Grant

Cary Grant  Born 18 January 1904  Died 29 November 1986  Actor

My celebrity style icon page would not be complete without my all-time fave actor, Cary Grant.  He is the epitome of suave and sophistication and perfect gentleman.  He was born Archibald Alexander Leach in Bristol, UK.


Tall, dark and handsome with movie star good looks, he was one of Hollywood's dashing leading men.  The American Film Institute named him the Second Greatest Male Star of All Time.  He wowed audiences in his films, playing the joker in comedies or the romantic lead.  Alfred Hitchcock cast him in 5 of his movies.

Cary had that personality which exuded charm and charisma.  Always a good guy and never bad.  Producers feared casting him as a criminal or bad guy would tarnish his wholesome reputation.  That's why the ending of Suspicion was changed, you see he was meant to have killed his best friend for the money and also his wife at the end.  This was altered, but he just had that sly look in his eye in Suspicion which made you believe he was really guilty.  Not to mention the dark brooding throughout.


He was also to be cast as James Bond but he turned it down as he didn't want to be associated with a several movie franchise.  Just think what the world missed, especially judging from his role in North By North West.


Classy and funny, he often poked fun at himself, saying "Everyone wants to be Cary Grant, even I want to be Cary Grant...I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be and I finally became that person.  Or he became me.  Or we met at some point."