Tuesday, 26 June 2012

George Eads

George Eads  Born 1 March 1967 Actor

George landing a part on popular TV show Savannah  catapulted him to star status, or at least got him on  the road as such.
This gorgeous heart throb with his model/film star looks certainly dresses to impress and black really brings out his features.  He's got great eyebrows for a guy, so dark and thick.
Some people love the stubble look he's got going at times, but as lovable Nick on CSI he sets pulses racing. Though he doesn't have a regular personal life on the show, work gets in the way, he really is a romantic guy.  Recall in a season 1 episode when he was asked if he likes leather or lace on a woman, his reply was lace!  How sexy is that.
George was in an ad for L'Oreal, cos he's "worth it" but he really has a heart of gold, which is also seen in his character Nick when he gets so emotional in some of his cases and he's not afraid to shed real man tears either! He can cry on my shoulder anytime.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks  Born 15 December 1970  Actor/Writer/Director

For those of you who won't recall, Michael won critical acclaim and recognition on his ten year stint on Stargate: SG1, playing cute but intelligent Dr Daniel Jackson.  Oh his character was so seriously misunderstood.
Here's one of him looking rather wet and pensive.  So with this pic, you're bound to fit the name to a face.  I jest.  Of course he's unforgettable in every way.  He's an avid ice hockey fan and plays too.  Cool.
 Certain mags used to call him "floppy haired" as his hair was long and well, floppy in the early seasons of the show, which looked good on him too.  Though I can't find any pics doing him justice with that hairstyle.
With dreamy eyes he's every sci-fi fan's fantasy and so much more.  More recently seen in Saving Hope.
Looking great however he dresses, I particularly liked the blue and grey jumpers he wore.  He'd always wear some form of blue so that colour looks very alluring on him.  Now would I be shallow in using the words "eye candy?!"  Ooh I think not.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan  Born 27 November 1968

Michael has one of those beautiful faces you can watch all day and all night and not tire.
This handsome French actor who prefers not to mention his roots, he's French-American has starred in plenty over the years and took acting lessons as they were paid for and was something to do.  He can pull off any style: casual, smart and we'll never forget his smouldering screen presence in Alias as everyone's fave spy Michael Vaughn.  I loved him in Ally McBeal.
An avid sports fan and poker player, his cool green eyes hide his tell well, we'd never work out his poker hand or what he's thinking.  Ooh a little stubble/beard action here and he wears it to perfection.
Oh and this pic is to die for, hey straighten that tie!  Michael wasn't in awe of his dazzling, movie star good looks but rather used to describe himself as having a big head like one of those Bobblehead dolls, but he's too gorge for words...that sweet, sexy smile leaves me breathless!

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo  Born 24 August 1973  Actor/Singer/Musician

Carmine has striking features and the first thing I noticed about him were his ice blue eyes.

Carmine is always great to watch as Danny in CSI:NY and his character underwent quite a few changes in terms of appearance.  He didn't wear his jackets anymore for a long while and he stopped wearing glasses.  Carmine preferred contacts.  But he looks stunning in his suits.
I think glasses gave him that edge.  Not only is he sweet and compassionate but he's an established singer/musician too with his own band, Ceesau.  Through his band he raises awareness of everyone in the world being one and he also has other charitable causes he's a part of.
His style is uniquely Carmine and he looks totally hot however he dresses.  That hat looks exceptional on him.  He's one guy who I have liked since I first saw him and he is so incredibly generous and handsome, but so down-to-earth and the guy next-door we'd all want to have as a neighbour!  Check out his music too!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Tom Welling

Tom Welling  Born 26 April 1977  Actor

Isn't Tom just the best guy ever.  Smart, sexy, down to earth, no wonder his looks earned him so much adoration and got him started as a model!
Oh love this pic but what's he doing stuck in a tyre with that alluring look: there's only room for one in there!  Tom said he wanted to be a model since it would allow him to portray and express an array of emotions and boy does he express.
His gorgeous blue eyes are so tantalizing and he's just a classy, casual, stylish super hunk (!)  Who is amazing in black.  Tom auditioned for the part in Supernatural but was selected for Smallville instead and it was an excellent choice.  As Clarkie he was cool, thrilling and so sweet, yet breath-takingly strong.
Here's Tom as we haven't ogled , I mean seen, him before, that stubble giving him that cute rugged look.
Tom isn't the run of the mill celeb, he hates interviews, understandable, and he once said  he "doesn't want to be a celebrity for the sake of being a celebrity."  Ah so handsome, intelligent and so modest too.  We can't ask for more.

James Gardner

James Gardner  Born 14 February  TV Presenter/Sports Fanatic/DJ/Up & Coming Comedian

You might recall James as presenter on defunct sports channel Setanta and he's moved on to present at Sit Up Channels (Bid, Pricedrop, SpeedAuction).
Love his casual style of presenting and he does have that cool, modelling look down pat.  Love his soft spoken Scottish accent and he's a bit of a ladies man. Dressed to impress and perfection in his suit on TV, I have a penchant for the purple tie.

James likes his 'daddy' cardigans too as I call them.  All styles look good on him.

But he also loves his football and boxing!  So watch out gals cos these may be his first loves!  Me thinks he'll go far and why wouldn't he being such a sweet, lovable guy and being born on the most romantic day of the year.
James is now back on Pricedrop.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Colin Firth

Colin Firth  Born 10 September 1960  Actor

No need to mention the show that brought Colin to the attention of millions of women all over the world, swooning in their corsets! If they still wore those. Why yes, it's the Mr Darcy.
Of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice fame.  That's one character he will always be typecast as and perhaps deservedly so.  It's the one where be garnered heartthrob status! He even played the same named role in Bridget Jones's Diary.
Oh so handsome in black and that mesmerizing faraway look.  He would have made a charismatic James Bond I think and you know what he played royalty too as George VI in The King's Speech. Who could forget him in Mamma Mia!
Everyone has to have such a pose in their resume and he cuts a handsome figure in purple, so stylish and my fave colour too!  Costume pieces, or body rippers I should say, modern, traditional all suit him to a 'T.'

He supports many important causes, including the environment and he has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Now that scene when he emerges from the swim in Pride and Prejudice wet shirt 'n' all will be etched on our minds permanently.  Forever Mr Darcy!

James D'Arcy

James D'Arcy  Born 24 August 1975  Actor

Oh he's got a great name, could go around calling him "Mr D'Arcy" all day, perhaps he should have got to play that most famous and iconic role in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.  Let's face it, he's got the looks, the accent and looks great in a costume piece.
My first encounter with James was in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby where he played the title role and boy was he good.  He scrubs up nicely in his dashing outfit! Looking dishy there.  Also in Agatha Christie's Moving Finger, Poirot the Mystery of the Blue Train and other costume dramas such as Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. 
He looks gorge in modern attire too and he even went on to play the part of royalty as Edward VIII in W.E. How's that for a career which has spanned many years.
Seems like blue appears to be his colour and he's able to pull off any style with ease and still manage to look totally suave.  Can't take my eyes off him!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch  Born 19 July 1976  Actor

Everyone knows him as Sherlock Homes and those who didn't know him before this unbeatable and excellent series now do, so you've got absolutely no excuses not to admire this amiable actor.
We've come to know him with his trademark scarf and coat, which he wears well, but he's not into stuffy ties as Sherlock.  More the black jacketed suit, giving him an air of  casual deceit. His dress sense doesn't mean he's not on board with his prowess to solve the unsolvable as the world's greatest detective.  Together with his adorable natural 'posh' accent, one he got whilst he was educated at Harrow; makes him sound so sexy and stand out from the crowd.

I first saw Benedict in Agatha Christie's Marple: Murder is Easy where he played handsome, sleuthing Luke Fitzwilliam.  Though he's been in plenty of TV, films, plays and radio.  Have to mention his high cheekbones.
Hats are in as an essential style accessory and he looks very suave here.  Though personally I don't really like his blond hair, but to each his own as they say.
He delivers a striking pose in casual jumper too, proving he can get away with just about any sort of fashion ensemble and his 'heterochromia' blue, gold and green eyes are a perfect match to this grey.  Oh to top it all off, he rides a motorbike! And yes he really did ride the horse in the movie War Horse, though he hadn't ridden one since he was 12.

Benedict is every woman's dream man on and off screen!  Polite, well-educated, intelligent and to me he is one beautiful man!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon  Born 2 September 1951  Actor

Mark Harmon is just one of those great guys who has been around as long as I can remember and I don't mean that in a horrible way.  I could call him one of my childhood icons.  Another blue eyed gorgeous guy who I first saw in 240-Robert where he played Thib and was out saving lives back then. We all fell in love with him.

Hey anyone looks great in black but Mark looks particularly sexy and every man should have a black shirt or jumper in their wardrobe, especially if they have lovely blue eyes.  Oh eyes hey mentioned those already!

You know some people don't recall Mark as Fielding Carlisle in Flamingo Road. Mark is not only an excellent actor but he also sings and boy does he sing.  He sang in 240-Robert, a song called Saddle My Dreams, which he actually did in his career and his personal life too.
Here he is looking particularly suave and stylish in a suit and tie and I have to say black seems to be his colour definitely.  So he went on to St Elsewhere and played a plastic surgeon and lots of other shows and films.  Until he landed that one role that was destined for him, everyone's fave former Marine and we all love a man in uniform; and NCIS agent, Leroy Jethro Gibbs.  Well no one will forget him now.
Just about everyone loves Mark, he's caring, kind, handsome and does so much for charity and others, with a heart so big there's no end to his talents and compassion.  I for one am so glad he graced my TV screen!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan  Born 16 May 1953  Actor

Pierce first caught my eye in the great TV show that was Remington Steele and he was my first crush.

That show summed up his looks and his image, kind of, in the opening narration when he's mentioned, "...with his blue eyes and mysterious past.."  I'd mix business and pleasure with him. Well Pierce's past is not so mysterious, though you gotta love him for going through so much adversity, heartache and still going strong and more importantly down-to-earth and compassionate.  Okay passionate too.
Then came elusive and debonair James Bond, well 007 was elusive to us and hard to get our hands on, as is Pierce!  My fave Bond and for obvious reasons, I mean those eyes, that hair, that pose and that pout; who wouldn't fight over him!  Black is so his colour and so alluring, Mamma Mia!

He is timeless and iconic and so charmingly handsome, he hasn't aged a bit since Rem Steele.
Yep he sure knows how to win us over, cool white shirt and yes chest hair for that added touch of sexiness. Pierce is one gorge guy with a heart of gold who I still crush over!! Always have, always will!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Misha Collins

Misha Collins Born 20 August 1974  Actor/Angel (No, really!)

Misha has been around a long time on various shows and guest star spots such as CSI:NY, NCIS, CSI but it wasn't until Supernatural that he was adorned by fans all over the world.  Adored or adorned, or just plain followed.  Not just as his role of Castiel but also on Twitter.
Here's a pensive looking angel if ever there was one!  That should read: angelic pose instead.  Well I had to get the old trademark raincoat/mac in somehow.  It's what he's well known for.  Along with his pensive and lovely blue eyes.
You've probably seen this photo so many times it's kind of become iconic just like him.  At least he looks gorgeous out of his Castiel costume.  Sorry no wings but underneath the striking expression lies not only  a heart of gold but also a halo I'm sure.  Misha started the Random Acts charity as it aims to "conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time."  Check it out...and help out.
Also he can look totally hot in a random (no pun) casual outfit too.  But beware angel with a phone cos he won't stop Tweeting his devoted minions!  Misha is funny, stylish, handsome and compassionate. Just what the world needs!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder  Born 8 December 1978  Actor

You might remember Ian from Lost, he was first to be cast on the show, as well as being notable for the first character to die on the show.  But I distinctly recall him from Smallville and especially as the young tearaway in CSI episode Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold.  He played the killer in this, a bad guy role which stood him in good stead for his part of hottie vampire Damon in The Vampire Diaries.
That just tussled look is so definitely in, more like the "I just got out of bed" look which just shouts out hot and sexy!

Ian is yet another guy with gorgeous eyes and a smile to die for on and off screen.  He's hard pressed to be seen with a shirt most of the time as Damon, but that's all the better for us.  Though he looks dashing with casual shirt on too!
Oh and hats are also in and doesn't he look the perfectly handsome gentleman here.

Ian set up the Ian Somerhalder Foundation on his 32nd birthday which aims to highlight the need to protect the environment and animals.  Cute, caring and philanthropic too what more could anyone ask for.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion Born 27 March 1971 Actor/Funny Guy

So if it's laughs you're looking for, Nathan is your kind of guy, he always has a funny comment or two to make and not just as Castle.
Hey had to get a scarf in, one of Castle's trademarks don't you think.  Stripes are in, in case you didn't realize and not just in scarves but in suits and shirts too.  Okay I didn't mention his hypnotic look and dreamy eyes so I'll fix that!
Doesn't he look so "ruggedly handsome" in Castle's words? You could just eat him all up.  Love his sense of style, always colour co-ordinated and most especially I love the purple shirts!  All to match Nathan's humour, good looks and intelligence!  Nathan once voiced Steve Trevor in a Wonder Woman cartoon and his subtle tones would have been perfect for the character.

As for his grammar he puts it down to his parents who were both English teachers.
Hmm, let's not forget Nathan as Caleb in Buffy, a knock out in priest/preacher attire!
Then he looks the biz in black and his own personal style is so decidedly charming and oozes sex appeal!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill Born 15 January 1978 Actor

Eddie was in many shows before he made it big on CSI:NY as Det Don Flack Jnr: everyone's lovable detective with the sarcastic comments and caring heart!  Yet many will remember Eddie from his stint on Friends.  Personally I loved his suits and the Armani ties on CSI:NY they had a certain flare that set him apart from the rest and he always looked so alluringly smart and sexy!
What else is so appealing are his baby blues, his eyes that is, could get lost in those too and yet another guy with a badge, simply irresistible!
Hey even the flak jacket looks great on him, no pun, you could just imagine him as the poster boy for the NYPD.  All this and yet the epitome of hotness in a casual top together with a cute smile. That's all I need.  He can knock on my door anytime!
I resisted a photo with his long hair but even that looked good on him! Oh okay I couldn't fight the urge:

So excited seeing him in another year of CSI:NY.  Hopefully he'll get an improvement to his wardrobe this time round, cos the outfits in season 8 especially did not do his gorge looks any justice.  Alas this wishful thinking wasn't enough to carry the show forward beyond season 9!  Now what am I going to do without my 'Flack fix'?!!!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Brendan Hines

Brendan Hines Born 28 December 1976 Actor/Singer/Songwriter

Brendan was actually the first to be cast in the TV show Lie to Me after he auditioned three times for the role of Eli Loker.  Have you noticed Eli is an anagram of lie?  This gave Brendan the chance to play somewhat of a different role than he was used to in the past.  Also giving him an opportunity to hone his other talents, his love of singing and music.  Thus his album Good For You Know Who.  His band being The Brendan Hines.
As well as giving him a chance to wear those cardigans, or as I call them "daddy cardis."  A laid-back, homely feel to his character.  Don't knock it, cardis are definitely in and Brendan had the knack of colour blending with his shirts.  Thus allowing him to steer clear of the romantic lead/heart throb role he wasn't going for.  More of a lovable geek here.  There's nothing wrong with that!
He can really pull off the waistcoat look too for smart casual and bummer, can't see his sexy ice blue eyes here, I can get lost in them!!  See more colour co-ordination!
From the show he said his favourite micro-expression was the one of disgust, but clearly that's one he won't be seeing from us.  Unless he wears some retro shirts again!  But he looks super cool and handsome here in black.  So check him out and check out his music too.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Simon Baker

Simon Baker Born 30 July 1969

What musings could I come up with that Patty Jane would say, okay can't think of any that would have us mesmerized and hypnotized. But I'm sure we wouldn't need any with Simon's portrayal of this lovable rogue who is Patrick.  Before he was Patrick Jane in The Mentalist, this cute and sun-kissed Aussie actor enthralled us as bad guy Nick in The Guardian.
Yes he played  a lawyer in that and someone we were meant to hate, yet he seemed to be turning over a new leaf which he did in his greatest role to date in The Mentalist. Black is a great colour for Simon, it really brings out his blond hair and blue eyes, though you can't see them here.  Never mind.
The waistcoats are a touch of genius, not many wear these on TV but it gives him an edge and besides he looks great in one it gleans a touch of mystery to his character and has people fooled as to what he's really like and what he's got up his sleeve.
Off screen Simon still exudes style and sexiness. Oh and that gorge smile...leaves me breathless!