Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wolf Larson

Wolf Larson  Born 22 December 1959  Actor

Wolf Larson first graced my TV screen in that crazy action detective show, LA Heat, where he played reckless, but adorable Chase McDonald.  AT the end of the day you really wanted him in your corner when things went wrong.  He was born in West Germany and his family moved to Canada when he was 2.  He is 6' 2".

He described his character of Chase McDonald as being "impulsive and a bit thoughtless.  He acts first and thinks later.  He doesn't know the word 'consequence.'  I really enjoy playing him.!  Well, we enjoyed watching him!  At least he solved crimes instead of just being the token "pretty face."

Wolf is one of those men you can call perfect, cos he is in every way: looks, personality and intelligence.  He has a BA in Economics and Statistics.  An MBA from U.N.L.V and taught Finance here for 2 years. Don't have a head for numbers myself but his number would do fine for me.  And started his own video/calendar company called Future World Productions.  Along with fellow actor Adrian Zmed he is the managing director of the American Academy of Acting.

Wolf also played Tarzan in the TV series for 3 years from 1991-1994 and was described as the first actor to play the role with a Masters degree in Business Administration.  He had the ideal physique for this role as well as being athletic and into many sports, such as baseball, football, soccer, golf, roller blading, tennis and ice skating.
 Wolf is the epitome of mode and fashion as seen in LA Heat.  Used to love his eclectic choice of waistcoats and colourful jackets.  Yet at the end of the day you can't fault a man in a black suit and white shirt, it's the signature of sexy and exudes style.

Though he has been in many other shows and movies, such as Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twisters, Crash and Byrnes to which he also penned the Screenplay, and in Tracks of a Killer, where he played a bad guy and not many people would; and irresistible he was too.  He doesn't seem to be credited for appearing in a recurring role in Codename: Eternity on many sites, where he played alien bountyhunter, Myroc, complete with cowboy boots 'n'all!  Hey he also made guest appearances in Dynasty, Simon and Simon.


But these were quite a while back and we just don't get to see this gorgeous guy on our screens anymore which is a real shame!  Cos I could watch him for hours on end without getting bored.  Don't mean that in a shallow way either, though sometimes just can't help sounding that way.  Wolf is the ideal man!