Thursday, 26 July 2012

Linden Ashby

Linden Ashby Born 23 May 1960  Actor

Linden rose to fame after starring in many shows, especially soaps.  You'll recall him from Melrose Place, Young and the Restless and he made an impression on me from Spy Game.  A spy series in the retro kind of mould and not a show many have heard of.  I loved it and loved him in that too.
So suave and sophisticated, and those moves in fight scenes!

Linden's one for wearing jumpers  a lot on and off screen, though he has been known to be shirtless aplenty on shows/films and I find blue really suits him and brings out his gorgeous eyes. So sexy and handsome too.

Many know him from Mortal Kombat where he played Johnny Cage and got to show off his martial arts talents too!  There has been talk of reviving his character and Linden in an interview wondered how that would work since he's getting on a bit.  I still think he looks gorge, but then maybe I would... he looks so cool in those shades!

A tie never hurt anyone and he's now in the series Teen Wolf where he plays a sheriff.  He has played a lot of detectives over the years (typecasting perhaps?) and I hated they only had him in one episode of CSI, that was a shame.  Cos anytime we can get to see Linden is a pleasure as he's a great actor, funny, talented and modest too. Now if only Spy Game was released on DVD...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dylan Neal

Dylan Neal   Born 8 October 1969 Actor

Dylan has one of those eye-catching, gorgeous faces which remind you of seeing him somewhere before.  Though he has been in plenty, I first saw him in the Bold And the Beautiful where he played, er, Dylan.  In fact he got to show off his buff and fit body in this show seeing as he had to find work as a stripper!!  Which set hearts ablaze.

He looks so delectable and hot in leather and has beautiful, breath taking blue eyes.  He's also been in Dawson's Creek, Wild Roses, CSI, CSI:Miami, where he played a DB most of the episode and Stargate: Atlantis and he was deliciously dangerous with a badge in Blood Ties.

That sweet grin always puts a smile on my face and that athletic physique is one in a million.  Loved that scene with him in Smallville when he stands on the rooftop with a rose, so alluringly evil, cos you just knew what was coming next!

Dylan exudes style and sex appeal, looks great in suit and tie, casuals or shirtless!  He should be on our screens more.  Cute and caring, love everything about him!  What else is there to say...

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Scott Bakula

Scott Bakula  Born 9 October 1954 Actor/Singer

Scott has been in many a TV show/movie but he will be best remembered for caring and lovable Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap.  Oh boy (!) loved that show.  That was great and showed his acting range no end from singing to dancing and dressing as women several times over.  Hey an actor's gotta do! And he does it best.  Lots of fashion on display here and I especially liked the film noir episode with the cool suits and hat.  Hey those hats never go out of style.

A lot of people don't know this but before the Brangelina movie Mr and Mrs Smith, Scott starred in a TV series of the same name, about a couple who didn't know each other but worked for the Company as spies. neither knew the other's true identity or name.

But then many Star Trek fans will recall him as Captain Jonathan Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise.  Where their uniforms, aka boilersuits were not the height of fashion. Yet they ventured where no man has been before.  Still he looked good in one and there were plenty of bare chested moments in this too, just to keep pulses racing.  "Oh Captain, my Captain!"

Scott has lovely eyes and is a handsome and formidable actor who has been around a long time and will continue to do so. He was more recently seen in Chuck and Desperate Housewives where he played Trip (the character name of his Chief Engineer in Enterprise).  Hey he can be my lawyer anyday!

But he can still dress to impress in the old Tux too!! So hot!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Christian Kane

Christian Kane  Born 27 June 1974  Actor/Singer

Christian will best be remembered as that damn hot evil lawyer, Lindsey on Angel. Though I think they could have given him a much more powerful character name on that show, yes really! And a longer part. He was one sexy anti-hero.
You may also recall him from the Carrie Underwood, So Small video which accompanied the song in 2008 and earned him a nomination for Supporting Character of the Year. There's something about a guy in a music video.  But Christian also sings and plays guitar.
Beware guy with a guitar, actually beware cute guy with guitar and dreamy blue eyes.  Seems his first love is music and he grew up listening to Country and always wanted to make an album.

So stylish, talented and going strong on all fronts, Christian is someone you have to watch out for, especially as tough guy Eliot in Leverage and listen to his sultry, dulcet singing too.  What a heartbreaker!