Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan  Born 13 August 1983  Actor

Sebastian was born in Romania and moved to the US with his mother.  Though he has been in quite a lot, such as Gossip Girl, The Covenant, Kings, Black Swan, Political Animals.  He won the hearts of many more fans and adoring viewers in Once Upon A Time.

Here he played brooding Jefferson, aka The Mad Hatter and boy did he play him with so much style and panache, your heart just melted at his sad plight.  Jefferson was so intensely portrayed and surprisingly he was the one who knew exactly what would happen and helped bring magic to Storybrooke.  He'll be back for season 2 we're relieved.  Love that pic!

As he said, "he's known all along before everybody else that this was going to happen, so this is not a big surprise to him.  From where he comes from it's like, 'Oh good.  Now everybody is going to see what I've been talking about over and over again, but no one was listening to me.'"

He exudes so much emotion and sexiness on screen you can't take your eyes off him. The mark of a great actor.

Sebastian looks so handsome and hot however he styles his hair and however he dresses, even when he's shirtless and black looks good on him.  He has this far away look in his eyes, a hidden depth which captures his gorgeousness on and off screen and makes him such a versatile actor, no matter what role he plays.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Brian Bloom

Brian Bloom  Born 30 June 1970  Actor/Writer

Brian started off in small roles in shows some people wouldn't have heard of or recall, such as in Over My Dead Body where he played an actor who was doing some shadowing for a role he wanted to play.  To me he become affectionately known as the 'bartender.'  Well it's a private joke of sorts not many will get!

With his gorgeous blue eyes and handsome features he carved a niche for himself, appearing in TV series including all three CSI shows and he was one of the first actors to do so.  Melrose Place, Law and Order: SUV.  His roles have been varied and has portrayed bad guy roles many actors would shy away from, including the obligatory baring his all in Oz. Oh you know what I mean by that!

On his eyes he commented, "The first thing I think about when I think about my eyes is that they're better than 20/20 and they can see.  The last thing would be the color."

Brian was one of those iconic child actors, appearing in Once Upon A Time in America, who made the transition to an adult star, cos it wasn't all about looks but a genuine ability to show a rare on-screen presence.  I loved him in his guest role in Beauty and the Beast, where he was, yes a bad guy, but he was so vain and so sure of himself that it didn't matter what his character was like.  He was still alluring!  Bad guys usually are, but not in real life of course.

He once said he wasn't interested in being seen as a hunk, but to be taken seriously and to me, he has achieved that in so many of the parts he's played.  His modesty is admirable, but yeah he is hot and totally cool at the same time.  He was co-writer on The A Team movie. Though it had a mixed reception, it was great to see him have a hand behind the scenes too, so to speak.  Brian will always be my kinda guy!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage  Born 22 August 1971  Actor

There's something about a bad guy we love to hate or hate to love, but we can't resist and Richard has played an awful number of villains in his career.  Maybe they're not all bad but some of them are a little dark, but he's still smouldering.

He cuts a dashing figure in whatever period costume he's dressed in or just in modern attire.  He was to die for as John Thornton in North and South. Where he cut such a dashing figure and gave Mr Darcy a run for his money in the cravat stakes.  Of course he did!

His deep blue eyes and those far away hypnotizing looks warmed us to him even more.

As Sir Guy Of Gisbourne, in Robin Hood, though you weren't meant to, you just rooted for him to win in every episode.  "Oh what hell for leather" as they say and boy does he look gorgeous in leather! As Richard said, "perhaps we like it because we're not allowed to be bad in real life."  How true.

Can't wait to see him in The Hobbit as the troubled king of the Dwarves.  Perhaps an understatement as he is far from Dwarf-like.

See looks great in casuals too and stripes as well.  Be still my beating heart, for it beats for you!