Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Jon-Erik Hexum

Jon-Erik Hexum  Born 5 November 1957  Died 18 October 1984  Actor

Whenever I write about Jon-Erik or think of him, it is always with great trepidation, some sadness but always  with the gratefulness that we were lucky enough to have had him here, even for such a short time.  Taken too soon!  He would have been 55 this year had he lived.

Though his career was also short, he was just starting out when he died, he left us with shows and movies we can always watch him in.  He will best be remembered for Voyagers! where he played Phineas Bogg, "a sixteenth century traveller, travelling back and forth in time, changing history wherever it went wrong."

The TV film, The Making of a Male Model, saw him cast for his endearing features and good looks.  He did have male model looks but he didn't want to be associated with this, wanting to be a real actor.  Jon-Erik described his most notable asset as being his voice. Which was truly memorable and remarkable.

The show that would have propelled him to stardom but by a cruel twist of fate turned out to be his last ever appearance as he died after an "accident on set."  This show was Cover Up.  Here he played Mac Harper, a CIA agent undercover as a male model.  Yet Jon-Erik was intelligent, sexy and very friendly.  An all American hero.  The theme song for Cover Up was Holding Out For A Hero which is one song that rightly will always belong to Jon-Erik and I always think of him whenever I hear it.

Theme song here

He was more than just handsome, with beautiful ice blue eyes.  Jon-Erik was kind, generous, funny and always had time for everyone.  He was definitely going places and had so much that he wanted to do.  As well as being a writer.  He said he always wanted to be in films about real people and play a "tragic hero."

Another generation now has the chance to see him in his few appearances and in Voyagers! to see just how talented an actor he really was.  He was our tragic hero and his star will always shine brightly as he lives on in the hearts and minds of those who knew, loved and admired him.

"My heart is weary from the love it holds for you
Too soon it weeps tears of sorrow, yet at times, tears of joy
for you are at peace,
As heaven was your respite and your eternal home."