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Chris Meloni

Chris Meloni  Actor  Born 2 April 1961

Another special request!

Christopher Peter Meloni was long into the limelight before his iconic role of Det Elliot Stabler in Law and Order: SVU came along.  He was born in Washington DC and also has a brother and a sister.  He was a quarterback at high school as well as at the University of Colorado at Boulder, here he also studied acting. Chris went through the usual jobs whilst breaking into acting,  including a construction worker, bartender, bouncer and a personal trainer.  No wonder he needs no help when it comes to maintaining his athletic physique!  Especially for those shirtless roles of which there have been many.


Chris said, "I love to act. I need to act.  It's the big itch I need to scratch."  His interests include chess, windsurfing, pinochle (a North American card game.)  He's written some screen pays and "half finished plays."  Well there's my Twitter question answered. Ha. Chris also makes a "real phat batch of chili."

His early work also included playing Julia Robert's fiance, Bob in Runaway Bride.  Know what you're thinking, why would anyone run away from Chris as their fiance!!  For five years he starred in prison drama Oz for HBO, known for its controversial and no holes barred scenes and storylines, including gratuitous sex scenes. Heck - I have friends who have watched that show for those scenes alone! Ha.  Chris isn't one to shy away from all that and reveal all.  He once said, "I'm a nudist at heart."  Which sums it all up really, ha.

In fact he starred in both Oz and L&O:SVU simultaneously when he landed the role of Elliot in 1999 and starred in that role for 12 years.  Sadly he left when unable to negotiate a new contract.  Which was a shame to see him go since he portrayed that part with such passion, emotion and gusto and it was so believable.
At the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con event he said how he, "loved the people and I loved that character."  So did we all!  In 2011 he was cast as Roman in True Blood, where he really got his teeth into that role.  His blue eyes, gorgeous smile and easy-going personality has left many a fan swooning, and not just from the parts he's played on screen either.  He was also in People Magazine 2006's Sexiest Men Alive list.  Chris is also an accomplished poker player and has played for charity, coming second after Robin Tunney, in Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown. 

Currently he is starring in Surviving Jack, which takes him back to comedy and where he started out. Showing his adeptness at multiple character roles.  My friend won't talk to me unless I mention his great butt and how there's a poll on for that.  SO vote for Chris's sexy bum, ha!  Underneath that neat shirt and tie lies a mass of tattoos which we've all seen, cos I know many would love to see him bare chested more often, hey can't get enough of him!

Chris is charming, talented and caring and really makes times for others, whether charities or fans. "I never find sincerity be sincere."

Not only is he missed in his role of Stabler in  Law and Order: SVU but what is exceptional about him is his treatment and acknowledgement of his fans.  Taking time to tweet and to follow, as well as spending a while answering fan questions in his #askChris slot on Twitter.  Yeah I call it a slot, cos it's very regular and extremely kind and generous of him to do so, a great, fun guy.  A celebrity who truly cares about his fans, usually a rarity these days!

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