Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bruce Greenwood

Bruce Greenwood  Born 12 August 1956  Actor/Musician

Bruce was born Stuart Bruce Greenwood in Quebec, Canada.
Though most people will know him from his more recent movie roles, such as Captain Christopher Pike in both Star Trek, where he won a Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Ensemble Cast in 2009 and Star Trek Into Darkness movies, as well as Double Jeopardy or playing JFK in Thirteen Days, as well as another President role in National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007).


The first show I saw him in was Legmen (1984).  And what is that many of you may ask?
See here for the intro and your question will be answered.

In short, it was about two friends who were at college and used to moonlight as bail bondsmen to earn extra money.  But we never got to see them in college!  Bruce starred alongside John Terlesky who went on to direct on many TV shows such as Castle, as well as screen writing.  Think Legmen should be out on DVD cos not many will have watched it or heard of it.  Surprisingly it was one show which actually aired in the UK, though late night.

Bruce turned to acting whilst at university as he needed three credits and thought, "acting is totally subjective, it can't be failed."  (Something I said about Art! ha, but I love Art.)  He loves comedy and would love to do more of it.

Bruce was the topic of conversation for many lectures the next day for me and some friends at least, he had looks to die for and masses of hair.  In fact he didn't change his hair so much in many of the shows he was in, though easily understandable, what's a guy to do with all those tresses? ha.  As he said about his part, Thomas Veil in Nowhere Man, "the guy's on the run...shouldn't I just cut it off so I can disappear, and they go, 'well apparently the hair tested well.'  So I'm on the run, but damn, I've got some great hair."

Other shows he was in included St Elsewhere, yet more topic of conversations for us where he played Dr Seth Griffin with a bedside manner his patents would kill for (well I couldn't use 'to die for' again!  yet  all doctors are portrayed as womanizers ). He thrilled in Knot's Landing as Pierce Lawton and had many hearts aflutter as he played a sexy, bad guy and we all love them!  TV movie Treacherous Beauties was also one of those roles where you could just eat him up in all his delectableness and had you guessing if he really was the killer, (though not me cos I always figure these out early on, ha)


I could name all his films/shows by heart (no really - especially since many of them aren't mentioned in all his biogs) that's how long I've been following his career and I can't say the same about too many other actors! From Nowhere Man, to Peyton Place:The Next Generation, his musical talents were on display in Summer Dreams: Story of the Beach Boys, where he played Dennis Wilson.  As well as in Passenger 57, I Robot, More recently he was in Steven Spielberg produced, The River.

Unfortunately Bruce hasn't tweeted since last year.  Would have been good to get some recent updates from him!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Jordan Bridges

Jordan Bridges   Born 13 November 1973   Actor

Jordan P Bridges is the son of Beau Bridges of the famous Bridges acting dynasty.  Often wondered why he didn't get to make a guest appearance on Stargate:SG1 alongside his father.  That would have been awesome to watch.  His first acting role was in The Kid From Nowhere which was directed by his father.


Jordan didn't want a career in acting especially as a child actor but later changed his mind after he attended Oakwood school and even studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA).  He studied performing arts at Bard College.  But coming from such a prominent acting family, it was difficult to imagine him being anything but an actor.  You could call it typecasting, of sorts! He is also into poetry, fencing, Kung Fu.

Appearing in many TV films and shows, ranging from Dawson's Creek to Charmed, CSI:NY,  Law and Order: Criminal Intent.   Conviction, cancelled after one season, is where he would have made the greatest impact in his role as Nick Potter, a lawyer from a wealthy family, who makes a transition to the Manhattan DA's Office.  He was the newbie on the show and it was like we were fresh out of law school too, following him around from day one to see what sort of an affect being an ADA would have on him.  He portrayed Nick with naivety and a touch of innocence as he landed in hot water.  A shame the series was cancelled since I would have watched that for Jordan alone!

Brown hair and lovely brown eyes, he is so gorgeous in his leather jacket!  Though I'm not so sure about him sporting a beard! Ha.  He looks great in a suit too, in stripes which seem to suit him and striped shirts. Jordan is just too hot to handle!

He now continues to wow in the TNT series Rizzoli and Isles playing Frank Rizzoli Jnr, a police officer. Proving once more that we all love a man in uniform.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Colin O'Donoghue

Colin O'Donoghue   Born 26 January 1981  Actor/Musician

Another special request. Colin's wanted by many.


This strikingly handsome Irish actor with alluring blue eyes is well-known in his native Ireland.  Born in Drogheda, County Louth, Colin had decided he wanted to be an actor at an early age.  Also spending a year in Paris so he could learn French.

You may have also seen him in The Tudors, season 3, as well as The Rite, a horror movie with Sir Anthony Hopkins, where he played a priest.  It's Hail Mary's all round then for thinking he's looks rather beguiling!  As well as another horror film, Storage 24.   He won an Irish Film and Television Award for Best New Talent in November 2003 for his role in Home For Christmas.  As well as treading the boards in theatre.  A perquisite for walking the plank, er, I mean for captaining a ship in his future role!


Colin also played guitar and sang in a  band called The Enemies which was formed in 2003, however he had to leave this due to his filming commitments.  This was in a show that would propel him onto every woman's (and some men's) radar as roguish pirate Killian Jones/Captain Hook in Once Upon A Time.


Colin's gorgeous looks stood him well in the part as he immediately built up an increasing fanbase and appeared in almost every episode, barring a few in season 2, as well as appearing in season 3.  To die for in leather and exuding mass sex appeal with his one liners and caddish innuendos, he's breaking hearts on and off screen.  Not to mention bringing back guyliner in a huge way.  It's okay to wear make-up, as he cuts a dashing figure, hook'n'all.  Though he's a little more swash and less buckle as he usually ends up kissing floors in this show, whereas he should be kissing the heroines.

Hearts are all aflutter when he's on actor who will grace our screen desires and viewing pleasure for a long time to come!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper  Born 5 January 1975  Actor

This post is written as a special request for a special friend.


Middle name Charles after his father, Bradley was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  His mother Gloria is Italian American and his late father was Irish American.  Many think it highly fitting that this gorgeous actor started out in Sex and the City, especially since he puts the 'sex' into the show!

Also being voted the Sexiest Man Alive in 2011 by People. His first movie was Wet Hot American Summer in 2001, 'hot' being the word of the moment, leading to his role in Alias as reporter Will Tippin and quite possibly propelling him on the road to stardom as he ended up being beaten black and blue at the end of season 1 and experiencing heartbreak when his love, Sydney Bristow didn't feel the same way!


His blue eyes from his Irish side landed him in good stead for his chosen career as millions of women swoon at his every move. Amassing quite a fan following.  In recent years his private life has also come to the fore as his numerous relationship break ups intrigue, which  mean he's still single, so there's hope for many out there still to nab this handsome catch! Ice cream being a poor substitute!!


He continues to surprise and please and seduce his fans with his roles in such films as The Hangover and its sequels, The A Team remake where he played the iconic part of Templeton 'Faceman' Peck.  As well as The Place Beyond the Pines and Silver Linings Playbook which garnered him a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actor in 2011.

Bradley is still in his late thirties and still has far to go in his chosen career, with many a more movies to make and hearts to break!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Richard Grieco

Richard Grieco  Born 23 March 1965  Actor/Singer/Writer/Director/Artist

Those into their soaps will recall Richard from One Life to Live where he played Rick Gardner.  Others however will recall him from 21 Jump Street where he played the role of Dennis Booker.  Gorgeous, witty and smart he made an impact on most every teen who watched that show, even now he still continues to have an impact with Booker.  Having his own definitive style, which he brought to the role.  His trademark coat, jeans and T-shirt were his own style that he brought along with him.  One reason why he stood out from the crowd.


Having made a huge impact on the show he was later given his own series of Booker which propelled hearts even further aflutter and again with his own special kind of chemistry still, showing he wasn't just a pretty face.  Sadly the show was short lived.  Ain't that always the way with quality programmes.  He has been in many films, such as Mobsters, as well as TV shows such as Marker, Veronica Mars and other guest star roles.

Multi-talented he also brought out an album Waiting for the Sky to Fall in 1995 and for some of us the sky did fall and our hearts broke a little too as we fell in love with him all over again.   The album boasted an abundance of choice lyrics. Always dressed to impress in his leather jacket, goes well with his collection of motorbikes and '80's cars.  He still exhibits that individual fashion sense from way back.  Okay not too way back and always exudes masses of sex appeal and yet has that down-to-earth simplicity.


As a talented artist he paints so much depth and feeling into his artwork, which he calls Abstract Emotionalism.  It's straight from the heart, at least I see it that way.

Richard is a cool guy, into his charitable causes, showing his kind heart and open compassion.  He's one guy I'm glad I know of and came across many years ago cos he's someone who brings a special sense of warmth to the world and a smile to my face.


Sometimes there's a line, a poem or a phrase that reminds us of someone.  For me, in relation to Richard that would be Jewel's Foolish Games, especially the lines: "You took your coat off and stood in the rain, you were always crazy like that..."

Thursday, 28 March 2013

David Tennant

David Tennant  Born 18th April 1971  Actor


David Tennant (real name David John McDonald) is one of those actors that come along and leave a mark no matter what they do.  For a long time he had gone unnoticed until he got his break, you could say, as none other than Doctor Who.  It's surprising but some people hadn't heard of him until then.  And boy did he  leave an impression with that role as the Tenth Doctor!  Suddenly the show was worth watching (again).

He made us laugh, cry and want to "Allons-y!"  To the point of making the character an icon all over again.  Showing this show wasn't just for geeks or sci-fi fans but for anyone who enjoyed a good story.  'Til it was over and he was gone, regenerated, but then they left no stone unturned and no tear un-shed when he had the chance of saying goodbye to all of his friends as the Doctor.  He didn't want to go and sometimes wish he didn't.  David got his chance of fulfilling his childhood dream, "Who wouldn't want to be The Doctor.  I've even got my own TARDIS."  Also voted Best Doctor in 2006 by Doctor Who Magazine readers and it's easy to see why.


As a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company he excelled in his dramatic performances, as that of Hamlet, and showed you don't have to be monumentally good looking to find success as a dramatic actor.  Not that he isn't good looking, he's got that whole subtle handsome vibe going.  Others included The Merchant of Venice, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear.  He also played Captain Jack Absolute in Sheridan's The Rivals.  Unfortunately it wasn't the production I saw when I was at school!


He's constantly evolving and proving himself as an actor and more recently to aplomb and praise in the ITV production of Broadchurch as DI Alec Hardy.  He is charming, charismatic and so darn funny and can dress to impress in anything, not surprised he's been voted Sexiest Man in the past!

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wolf Larson

Wolf Larson  Born 22 December 1959  Actor

Wolf Larson first graced my TV screen in that crazy action detective show, LA Heat, where he played reckless, but adorable Chase McDonald.  AT the end of the day you really wanted him in your corner when things went wrong.  He was born in West Germany and his family moved to Canada when he was 2.  He is 6' 2".

He described his character of Chase McDonald as being "impulsive and a bit thoughtless.  He acts first and thinks later.  He doesn't know the word 'consequence.'  I really enjoy playing him.!  Well, we enjoyed watching him!  At least he solved crimes instead of just being the token "pretty face."

Wolf is one of those men you can call perfect, cos he is in every way: looks, personality and intelligence.  He has a BA in Economics and Statistics.  An MBA from U.N.L.V and taught Finance here for 2 years. Don't have a head for numbers myself but his number would do fine for me.  And started his own video/calendar company called Future World Productions.  Along with fellow actor Adrian Zmed he is the managing director of the American Academy of Acting.

Wolf also played Tarzan in the TV series for 3 years from 1991-1994 and was described as the first actor to play the role with a Masters degree in Business Administration.  He had the ideal physique for this role as well as being athletic and into many sports, such as baseball, football, soccer, golf, roller blading, tennis and ice skating.
 Wolf is the epitome of mode and fashion as seen in LA Heat.  Used to love his eclectic choice of waistcoats and colourful jackets.  Yet at the end of the day you can't fault a man in a black suit and white shirt, it's the signature of sexy and exudes style.

Though he has been in many other shows and movies, such as Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twisters, Crash and Byrnes to which he also penned the Screenplay, and in Tracks of a Killer, where he played a bad guy and not many people would; and irresistible he was too.  He doesn't seem to be credited for appearing in a recurring role in Codename: Eternity on many sites, where he played alien bountyhunter, Myroc, complete with cowboy boots 'n'all!  Hey he also made guest appearances in Dynasty, Simon and Simon.


But these were quite a while back and we just don't get to see this gorgeous guy on our screens anymore which is a real shame!  Cos I could watch him for hours on end without getting bored.  Don't mean that in a shallow way either, though sometimes just can't help sounding that way.  Wolf is the ideal man!