Thursday, 28 March 2013

David Tennant

David Tennant  Born 18th April 1971  Actor


David Tennant (real name David John McDonald) is one of those actors that come along and leave a mark no matter what they do.  For a long time he had gone unnoticed until he got his break, you could say, as none other than Doctor Who.  It's surprising but some people hadn't heard of him until then.  And boy did he  leave an impression with that role as the Tenth Doctor!  Suddenly the show was worth watching (again).

He made us laugh, cry and want to "Allons-y!"  To the point of making the character an icon all over again.  Showing this show wasn't just for geeks or sci-fi fans but for anyone who enjoyed a good story.  'Til it was over and he was gone, regenerated, but then they left no stone unturned and no tear un-shed when he had the chance of saying goodbye to all of his friends as the Doctor.  He didn't want to go and sometimes wish he didn't.  David got his chance of fulfilling his childhood dream, "Who wouldn't want to be The Doctor.  I've even got my own TARDIS."  Also voted Best Doctor in 2006 by Doctor Who Magazine readers and it's easy to see why.


As a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company he excelled in his dramatic performances, as that of Hamlet, and showed you don't have to be monumentally good looking to find success as a dramatic actor.  Not that he isn't good looking, he's got that whole subtle handsome vibe going.  Others included The Merchant of Venice, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear.  He also played Captain Jack Absolute in Sheridan's The Rivals.  Unfortunately it wasn't the production I saw when I was at school!


He's constantly evolving and proving himself as an actor and more recently to aplomb and praise in the ITV production of Broadchurch as DI Alec Hardy.  He is charming, charismatic and so darn funny and can dress to impress in anything, not surprised he's been voted Sexiest Man in the past!

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