Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Patrick Muldoon

Patrick Muldoon   Born 27th September 1968   Actor Musician Producer

William Patrick Muldoon III was born in San Pedro, California.  His father is a personal injury lawyer.  He is Irish on his father's side and Croatian on his mother's side.  He attended Loyola High School and also the University of Southern California.   Patrick's first job was as a Calvin Klein model, though wouldn't really call that a job! If you know what I mean! Ha. As we get to see plenty of him!  But don't mess with him cos he's a blue belt in Krav Maga, oh and he's 6' 2".

You may recall him from Saved by the Bell and as Austin Reed on the popular daytime soap, Days of Our Lives for which he won the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Male Newcomer in 1994.  But he is more well known for playing scheming Richard Hart on Melrose Place from 1995-1996.  At least that's the first role I saw him in.  Kind of funny having a name Hart as he was far from possessing a heart.  But his evil ways got him in the end, in the funny scenes where he was killed and then they tried to hide his body.  Some would call that a deserved comeuppance if ever there was one. He said "the thing that is cool about soaps is that because you are acting everyday, the writers are kind of watching you from behind the scenes and so you can kind of influence where your character goes.  The writers want to write to your strengths, so if you're funny they'll try and incorporate that. If you're intense, they'll make you emotional.  But it's pretty much what they write is what you do."

Patty's a bit of a mix of everything and can play to our hearts strings as well as being funny and he says he has a "vile sense of humour."  That's always super sexy in any one.

Patrick later went onto to Starship Troopers (1997).  He so needed to be at #LFCC July 2014 (though it was a fiasco) cos his other co-stars from the movie were here!  Or any convention going in London!!  He was chosen as one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People.  Well they got that right!  He is also brother-in-law of the famous Zappa family.  Would love to have seen him in Celebrity Ghost Stories, which we didn't get here.  Perhaps we may get it 2018, but I did get to watch it and it was great!

Patrick is the lead singer of rock band, The Sleeping Masses, as well as guitarist.  Love his song, Glowing like Gold, that cello is so haunting and yes he can sing!!  Okay I won't big it up as that much of a shock, but you know not everyone can hold a tune! Ha.  He decided on the band name after he read everything he could get his hands on relating to philosophy; "all the authors and philosophers had the same message about not going through your life asleep.  About this time my partner Neil and I were forming the band and I said, 'I've got the name' and he said it was a cool name for a band.  It kind of came from a philosophical's just a cool rock and roll name.  It makes a good T-shirt. That's all you need."  Yeah you sure do and maybe I should get working on that T-shirt quicksmart for you!  Such a great actor and so talented musically too, as I said.  Yes I gush lyrical when it comes to Patty!

He has starred in many a TV movie and we get to see him in A Boyfriend for Christmas every year, though as I say, if had him as a boyfriend, he'd be for life and not Christmas! ha. His other Christmas films include, Christmas Town,  All About Christmas Eve.  His repertoire of movies include, Deadly Pursuits, Wicked, Black Cat Run, Final Ascent, Broken Angel, K-11 and most recently Fatal Acquittal.  Where I had him pegged as the bad guy from the outset! ha.

Patrick used to be afraid of heights after a fire trapped him in a lift with his grandparents in Palm Springs as a teen.  But he got himself out of that phobia by willing himself to get into a lift cos LA has plenty of those and he went to university there, as well as all those auditions.
Patrick enjoys playing both heartthrob and bad boy roles and he's suited to both, his gorgeous eyes and perfect smile is enough to fool anyone into believing his 'sob' story and hey, luckily he's a nicer than nice guy in real life!

He loves his wasabi! "I'll order a sushi roll or whatever and the roll is just a way for me to eat the wasabi.  It goes in my nasal cavity and the more I sweat the more I like it!"  Okay sweating for the wrong reasons or right!  Ha.  His idea of the perfect holiday: "tropical destinations and tropical drinks [as if LA isn't tropical enough!]  Drinks with umbrellas and pineapple.  I want the drink as tropical as the destination."  So would I!   Hey he's really into his food and drink!

He always looks so stylish and cool in whatever he wears, no wonder he was a model, but he particularly looks more appealing in jumpers!  But a good tie with a great suit doesn't go amiss! Or a towel or two!  Ha. And those gorgeous baby blues don't hurt either!

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